When we started out in laser cutting 10 years ago, we had no idea of the vast range of jobs that we would encounter.  It is true that there was always the temptation to keep things simple, stick to what we knew and what were good at.  Nothing wrong with this approach at all but sometimes in the workplace, like life, it is important to try something different and push the boundaries.


A customer asked us to make perforated cones for them.  Pre-perforated sheet was not an option in this case because the customer needed customised margins all around the developed blank.  So we did the preparatory CAD work, developed the blank, cut the profile (including the 8 000 plus holes!) and formed to shape on our CNC Press Brakes.  This type of job is not straight forward.  The initial blank development needs to be spot on and laser cutting this amount of holes from a relatively small area can be fraught with problems.  We adapted and overcame and we learned some very valuable lessons along the way, as well as adding another string to the company Bow.