Saying goodbye to an old friend

We’re in the process of updating our two oldest laser cutting machines. The two old girls that helped to establish us as serious in this super competitive UK Laser cutting market, almost 10 years ago now. They have served us well, and they leave us to go on to work for someone else, somewhere else in the world. If it sounds as though I’m talking about these two hunks of laser cutting machinery like they are old friends, that is because they feel like they are old friends. During those formative first five years I spent more time with them than friends or family. Nights, days, fair weather and foul, we did what we had to do to keep our promises with our customers. These reliable pieces of laser cutting kit enabled us to do this.

When the time came for their inevitable replacement, we had a lot of decisions to make. A question that crosses all manufacturers minds at this time is “Do I REALLY need a brand new laser cut machine?”. For us, this question was the no brainer. Our purchasing spec had a long list of boxes to be ticked, right at the very top of this list was reliability.

Mechanical things break down from time to time, it is inevitable. We do what we can to minimise the risks and maximise the productive time but, inevitably, the time will come (exactly when you don’t need it to!) when we will need the help of the machine manufacturer. We have worked with Trumpf for all of our 10 years, all of our laser cut machines are Trumpf and all have been purchased from brand new. Far from the cheapest option, but when was the cheapest option ever the right one?

Ongoing investment is a prerequisite for a job shop like us and as we wave our old servants goodbye, we look forward to welcoming their Trumpf replacements with open arms, safe in the knowledge that they will see us well into the next 10 years.